Friday, March 7, 2008


Today is the Kindergarten Rodeo at my daughter's school. They have been learning about Texas for the past couple of weeks and are capping it off with a western-filled day of fun. Shelby looked so adorable in her cowgirl gear! She wasn't as enthusiastic as I was about her outfit though. She's been going through this "punk girl" phase and her new idol has gone from Hannah Montana to Avril Lavigne. So when she was getting dressed this morning she said "Avril would NEVER wear something like this." I swear she is 6 going on 16! Here is a photo before she left the house this morning. So adorable! :)
I'll be heading to the school this afternoon to help out with all of the should be a hoot!

Speaking of cowgirls, I have a fun soldered pendant in my Etsy shop featuring a slightly risque cowgirl cartoon. The image came from a vintage postcard I found on one of my shopping excursions on Antique Row in Corpus. I've cropped the picture to just include the cowgirl, but you have to see the entire postcard to get the full appreciation. I just about fell over laughing when I found this one!!

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Oh shes TOO cute!

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