Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vacation...Boy do I need one!

My daughter gets out of school for Spring Break March 17-21 and we're going on vacation!! Yeah! This is the first REAL vacation we've ever taken the kids on (other than quickie weekend getaways to San Antonio), so I am very excited. I am so in need of a have no idea. My husband has been in Key West and Mexico since mid-December with his boat captain job, so I have been juggling everything at home all by myself. I'm going to take full advantage of our time away...I see many margaritas in my future :) I wasn't sure where to go, so I searched online for Texas family vacations and found a cute little boardwalk area in Kemah. They have a small amusement park on the boardwalk along with lots of restaurants and shopping. It sounds pretty commercialized, but the kids should have a good time. We are also planning to take a drive into Houston while we are there to visit the zoo. Other than that, just some rest and relaxation and enjoying being together as a family.

My Etsy shop will remain open during my vacation. Since shipping will be delayed a few days, I am offering a free gift to anyone who makes a purchase between Monday and Friday. Take your pick between a set of push pins or earrings made with my favorite flower cabochons!!

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able mabel said...

Have a great vacation! It always feel good to get away!