Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Introduction

Hello there. Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jerin Scott and I am a somewhat dysfunctional stay-at-home mom. I took the leap into the life of a domestic goddess a little over a year ago. I spent my first 10 years after college busting my butt in the hustle and bustle of Corporate America. I loved what I did and was the most dedicated and loyal employer anyone could ever ask for. Unfortunately, most of the time my job came before the needs of my family…I’m embarrassed to admit the number of times I would dose my sick kids up on a cocktail of Tylenol and cold medicine and hope and pray that it would give me enough time to get to the office and finish one of many deadlines. Then one day I snapped. I won’t go into all of the gruesome details, but let me just say the ignorance of two chauvinistic pigs finally gave me the courage to walk away from it all.

Oh, the sweet freedom!! My incredibly supportive husband gave me an opportunity that I never thought was possible. We decided that I should take some time and just be a mom to our two wonderful children. It has been an absolute blessing. I’ve been at home with my son now since he was 5 months old, and have been able to experience all of his milestones first hand, instead of having them replayed to me by his caretakers. I’ve been able to see my 6 year old daughter’s smiling face everyday when I pick her up from school. I’ve been to field trips and class parties…things that I was never able to do when I worked.

It didn’t take long though before I became bored with the daily routine and I began to lose a sense of myself. It was out of this that my new “baby” was born…Out of the Blue. I have always been a pretty crafty person (inherited from a Craft Diva mother), so after logging many hours of sofa time watching shows like B Original, That’s Clever, and Creative Juice I started dabbling in jewelry design. I was immediately hooked. I opened up my own shop on Etsy in July 2007 and the rest is history.

I am drawn to anything with a funky vintage feel and this usually shows in my jewelry. I love searching antique and thrift shops for discarded treasures that I can bring back to life in a new and unexpected way. Most of the items I create are made with vintage components and are either one-of-a-kind or limited editions.

This blog will be used to highlight some of my favorite pieces, to share with you some of the treasures I find on shopping excursions, and may even include some stories of the ups and downs of motherhood. Thanks for stopping by!


theVintageZoo said...

i really love your shop!!! and congrats on the new blog. i just started mine a few weeks ago and i LOVE it!!! a great introduction too!! i love reading about people's journeys!! do you mind if i add you?? and just favorited your shop too!!


Jerin Scott said...

Thanks so much vintagezoo! You're my first exciting! I didn't think anyone would even find me :) I feel like a total fish out of water with this blogging stuff! I would love it if you would add me and I'll do the same for you. Your blog and shop are awesome by the way!