Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love Tuesdays!!

After I became a stay-at-home mom, I had these big dreams of being a modern day June Cleaver. I was going to have a spotless house, a wonderful homemade meal for my family every evening, and would greet my husband with perfect hair and freshly applied lipstick when he came home from work. The reality is my house usually looks like a tornado ripped through it...there are food crumbs in every crevice of the sofa, dozens of toys thrown about, and a mountain of laundry. Our dinners usually consist of takeout, or a frozen lasagna with a bagged salad if we are lucky. And looking pretty for my husband when he walks in...ha! I usually have an unbrushed ponytail and what little bit of makeup that hasn't been rubbed off my face during the course of the day...no lipstick (because it's been flushed down the toilet by my 19 month old.)

But there is one day a week when I get a clean slate and I feel like I just might be able to morph myself into the perfect wife and mother. TUESDAYS. Oh, how I love Tuesdays. We've had to cut back on some things since I quit working, but the one luxury I still allow myself is a maid once a week. I leave my house at 12:30pm every Tuesday with my son. Sometimes we'll run errands or go shopping, but usually we just go to my parents house and relax. When I go back home in the evening everything is right with the world again. I have a spotless house and a clear mind. I start daydreaming about how this week is going to be different...I'm going to work hard to keep my house looking this tidy and I start planning wonderful menus in my head. It is such a wonderful feeling. Then I'm suddenly jerked out of my fantasy world by the sound of my daughter's soda being dropped on the freshly cleaned floor. While I am frantically mopping up the mess, my son entertains himself by throwing a bowl full of seashells into the toilet. After dipping them all out, I grab the phone and order a pizza and mutter to myself "maybe next week...maybe".


theVintageZoo said...

WONDERFUL blog post. so REAL! i LOVED this. so so so true, all of it. and it makes me want to get a maid! ha! i just went through and spring cleaned my creative space.... now i want to paint. i get that same thought every week, maybe things will be different this week... ha! oh, well, at least we're trying, yes?? ;-)

Outoftheblue said...

Ha! Ha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one vintagezoo!! We have the best intentions at least :)

Pham The Bac said...

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