Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Perfect Morning

Tuesday night my husband, Kevin, surprised me and the kids by asking if we would like to go to St. Jo Island the next morning. Kevin works extremely hard and is always on the go...he's never been the type to "stop and smell the roses" so to speak. So when he actually offered to set aside some time to hang out with us we jumped on board!

He picked us up by boat so that we didn't have to wait in the ferry line to Port Aransas, then off we went to St. Jo. It is a small island just off the coast of Port Aransas and is only accessible by boat. It is uninhabited and has no public facilities or buildings, but it is a wonderful place to search for shells and to fish.

When we arrived, Shelby and I decided to walk to the shore and hunt for shells while the guys stayed on the boat and fished. My daughter and I are both wimps when it comes to getting in "mysterious" water. We had to trek through about 30 feet of sea grass and other unknown objects to get to our destination. We had a good laugh by holding hands and chanting "Ommm...take me to a happy place" over and over.

We were able to fill our bucket full of shells to add to our growing collection at home. Kolby and Shelby did some fishing together before we had to head back and they each caught 4 or 5 perch. Everyone had a wonderful time on our perfect morning together!

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