Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lucky Finds!

I always keep an eye out for interesting finds to use in my jewelry. You never know when you will uncover hidden treasures at garage sales, junk shops or estate sales. However, recently I've had the good fortune of having others discover some wonderful items for me! I've used some of these treasures in my new designs recently.

These beautiful baubles were courtesy of a nice lady that had a booth at our local Farmers Market. She approached me at my booth recently with a large ziploc of old rhinestone balls and other interesting finds. She said that she's been holding on to them for years but never found a use for them and thought I might be interested in them. Well of course I was interested! What a pleasant surprise.

I received a call from my Mom recently and she said that a friend from her church had discovered a set of old liquor tags at an antique shop in Corpus. My mom was headed to Corpus for a doctor's appointment and offered to swing by and see if they were still there...and they were!! Yeah...thanks Mom!! They were absolutely perfect...a set of four "gin, vodka, bourbon and scotch" tags in their original box. I used the bourbon tag in this one-of-a-kind necklace.

Daphan, a sweet lady that had visited my booth at the Farmers Market contacted me through my website to let me know that she found an old bag of costume jewelry in her closet and thought of me. This skeleton key and rhinestone necklace was created from some of the pieces she found.


Alien said...

that is beautiful!

pn3meow89 said...

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