Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something New

I'm getting geared up for the Farmers Market this weekend and decided to try out a few new items in addition to my jewelry. First of all, I had a big box of old childrens blocks that I purchased at an antique store a while back that have been taking up room in my cabinets. I decided to glue them together as words...with the help of an anagram tool I found online I was able to come up with about 12 words: friends, shop, lol, dad, cupid, junk, etc. Wouldn't these be fun sitting up on a shelf or in your office as a conversation starter?
I've also been wanting to do some paperweights for awhile now so I decided to make a few to try out this weekend. If they go over well I may decide to add these to my Etsy shop as well. I had a lot of fun making these with vintage photos, old sheet music, vintage atlas pages, etc. I soldered the bottom edge and then added a piece of felt to the bottom to finish them off. I had some organza bags in my supply closet that they fit perfectly in so I will be packaging them in those.

I found this really cool vintage suitcase at my local antique shop for $5 the other day. I'm going to use it at the market to display some of my items...that's my new paperweights in the front. This should be a fun addition to my vintage themed display.

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