Tuesday, August 19, 2008

D is for Dragonfly

Here is a little dragonfly trivia for you. Did you know there are 457 known species of dragonflies? Observing dragonflies is a hobby popular in Texas, where 225 of the species have been observed. It seems they are not so popular in Europe...in fact they are thought to be very sinister. In European folklore they are often referred to as "devil's darning needle" and "devil's horse". I have to admit, real dragonflies creep me out a bit, but these dragonflies I love...

This is a beautiful vintage dragonfly pin from Onebuttonatatime. I love the filigree wings!

This tunic from Rainbowswirlz looks so comfy!! And it is a great deal at only $25.

Finally, these bronze dragonfly charms from Shareliving are too adorable! They would be really sweet on a charm bracelet...will have to add these to my supply wish list!


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Every year, when there is a hatching of a certain kind of flying insect that comes up from the lawn, we are literally invaded by thousands of dragonflies for about 48 hours. Last year, me and my youngest boy went out into the front yard and literally picked up the bugs from the ground and were able to hand feed the dragonflies.

Out of the Blue said...

Wow! That is incredible Scott...my son would love hand feeding dragonflies!